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BTEC Sport Level 2

Examination Details Edexcel BTEC (Level 2)

Course Specification available here

Assessment Details

25% Online Exam
75% coursework
4 Units (2 in Year 10 and 2 in Year 11)

Course Information

BTEC qualifications are suitable for a wide range of learners. They offer an alternative to more traditional qualifications, combining the best mix of academic and vocational ways of learning. They are recognised by employers and Higher Education institutions. BTEC qualifications have been developed to provide specialist work related qualifications in a range of areas. The courses offered are practical and will give you the opportunity to complete assignments and activities based on realistic situations linked to working environments. They will give you a good feel for what it will be like to be at work as well as developing your communication, IT, time management and teamwork skills.

BTEC First Courses enable you to progress to BTEC National courses. BTEC National courses enable you to progress to university and other Higher Education institutions. BTEC courses are equally valued by employers.

In Year 10 the pupils will complete 2 modules. Pupils will complete Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise which looks at: components of fitness, principles of training and different training methods. This is a practical based unit where pupils will undergo the fitness tests as well as a written assignment. The pupils will complete an online exam which equates to 25% of their overall mark. The other Unit completed in Year 10 is Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness. Training for Personal Fitness gives pupils a chance to design, demonstrate and review their own training programme.

In Year 11 the 2 Units are: Unit 2 Practical Sports Performance and Unit 6 Leading Sports Activities. Assessment for Practical Sports Performance is through a number of observation tasks and practical sports assessment. Assessment for Leading Sports Activities for Sport is through a written assignment and leading younger pupils through different sporting activities.

Content covered


Unit Title

Guided Learning Hours



Fitness For Sport and Exercise




Practical Sports Performance




The Mind and Sports Performance




Sports Leadership




You will need to produce 3 or 4 assignments for units 2, 3 and 6. This will include:

  • Posters/presentations
  • Leaflets
  • reports,
  • Checklists/observations.

The course is 75% coursework and 25% examination for this subject.


Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise has an examination at the end of it. You will work through the unit and take notes which will help you in your revision. The exam contains a mixture of multiple choice, short and long answer questions. The exam is online and assessed externally. Below is an example of what you may see.

How will I get my grade?

Points available for unit size and grades

Number of points scored per 10 GLH at each grade


Level 1

Level 2 Pass Grade

Level 2 Merit Grade

Level 2 Distinction Grade






Points Per Unit = eg Unit 5 has 30 GLH and if you achieve a pass you will receive 12 points. (4X3=12)

Grade Boundaries (If you PASS every unit you will achieve a PASS)


Level 1

Level 2 Pass

Level 2 Merit

Level 2 Distinction

Level 2 Distinction*

BTEC first award