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Finance and Premises Committee 

Mr. D. Virdi (Chairman), Mr. A. Charalambides, Mr. M. J. Nicholls, Mr. B. Molloy, Mr R.S. Manku, Mrs. P.K. Bains, Headmaster, Deputy Head [Resources and Community], School Business Manager

Personnel Committee

Mr. M. J. Nicholls (Chairman), Mr. B. Molloy, Ms. N. K. Bakhshi, Ms. A. Drisdale-Gordon, Mr. S.A.H Bahadur, Mrs. V. Rogerson, Headmaster

Pupils’ Committee

Ms. N. K. Bakhshi (Chairman), Mr. A. Charalambides, Mrs. D. Chick, Mrs. A. Drisdale-Gordon, Mr. M. J. Nicholls, Mr. D. Virdi, Mr. D. Simon, Mr. C. Couch, Mrs. R. Bansal, Headmaster, Deputy Head [Pupil Support]

Appointments’ Panels Personnel Committee plus such other members of the Governing Body invited by the Personnel Committee