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Success Stories

The Economics and Business Department organise an array of trips for Economics and Business students to support them with their studies. Students over the past year have achieved an insight into the importance of marketing by attended the Warner Brother Studios to see the set designs, props and methods of marketing for the Harry Potter movies. A real treat for any fans of the book and movie series. BTEC business students visited the Royal Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court, to support coursework study based on the law. All students took part in a case, taking on the role of a judge or jury, after which students wandered down to Waterloo Market. Here they learnt about the skills required for pitching a business and understanding how market stalls can compete effectively with each other.

Jaguar in Birmingham was a destination for A Level Business and Business BTEC students in the Spring term where students received presentations on the importance to the company of achieving global success as well as being exposed to production processes used to make various models. Another great British global company visited by students was Harrods. For the purpose of understanding recruitment and selection, students were privileged to have a Q and A with professionals at the store. Prior to this a magical tour of the store was provided before it is opened to the public, allowing students to peek at secret unknown hideaways for the rich and famous such as the top floor where you can have your own perfume made up for you and even receive intravenous vitamins!

In addition to all the hard work and extensive lessons during term time, students were whisked away to booster revision sessions in central London, held by Tutor2u. Students were injected with considerable confidence and further insight on how to approach examination questions.

BTEC Business students every year organise the much anticipated and adored school event of the year; Eastern Evening. To get students started on how to organise an event, Jonny and Harry Kalsi from the Dhol Foundation presented to students, drawing upon their own national and global experience, such as opening the Queen’s birthday celebrations this year with Tom Jones! Last year students organised a food market as the pre-event, selling samosas with masala chai in a street food setting and managing to draw large crowds to create a buzzing atmosphere.

Some of the Business students were very fortunate to have a visit from West London University, they explained how to apply for university.  Students were supported with guidance on how to search for career choices and/or university courses. As well as understanding grade requirements and additional experiences that may support applications. This was followed up with a one on one Q & A session for those students that had less general questions and required other guidance.

Year 13 BTEC students helped run a café on a converted double decker bus, with an eating area upstairs during the schools highly regarded Charity Week.

The bus came in for 2 days and students created the publicity to promote the bus before its arrival and then carried out the duties to monitor the café throughout the 2 days as well as being provided with training and exposure to a range of new skills such as stock control and costings .

There efforts for the two days netted a total of £1224.31 which was split 50:50 with the COINS charity that owned the bus.