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Design and Technology Department Successes 2017-2018
The Heathland School Design and Technology Department has continued to offer numerous extra-curricular Technology Clubs which were popular and well attended.  These included informal drop-in sessions as well as official Technology Coursework clubs for Resistant Materials, Food Technology and Textiles.  In addition there were ICT clubs, and practical workshop sessions.  Pupils were offered a wide variety of opportunities outside of lessons, in particular a range of clubs and STEM related activities and trips.  The following articles are written by Technology students and have featured in The Heathlander.

The Bio Bodies Bake Off by Pritika Sivagnanasundaram (8 Sheridan)
This year I had an amazing opportunity to take part in a Technology based STEM competition called The Bio Bodies Bake Off, which is a National Competition run by the Physiological Society. We had to bake a cake in the shape of a body part and describe how it shows it on the cake. I did the lungs. I luckily made it to the top ten bakers. I won the shortlisted baker award. I received a certificate and a small award. I definitely recommend that people who are interested in baking and science should take part. 

I’m an Engineer Get Me Out of Here Review by Livleen Dhaliwal (8Sheridan)
Our Technology class was selected to be a part of ‘I’m an Engineer, Get Me Out of Here’ webchat, and it was truly an amazing and great experience. I’m an engineer get me out of here is a website where you can ask professional engineers questions about their job, and other interesting things we wanted to know about them. Not only was it a great experience, as a class we really enjoyed knowing what the engineers were like behind the scenes and what they had to do to become engineers!

I’m an engineer get me out of here also gave us a chance to vote for our favourite engineer, we had asked them some questions in a live chat and see how they answered or if they seem interesting or good in any way to us. When the whole class had voted, one engineer would get eliminated, and we would have to vote again and so on. Each day an engineer would go, and the one left in the end would win, winning money to spend on working with schools to encourage people to become engineers.

I really enjoyed doing this activity, as it gave us a fantastic opportunity to ask professionals about their job.  It also allowed us to see how STEM subjects could help with future career choices.  

Faraday Challenge by Pritika Sivagnanasundaram (8 Sheridan)
On the 7th of March the technology department took a group of 12 children to take part in the Faraday Challenge which took place in Chiswick School. The challenge was super fun. It includes skills of building items with circuits, which was under a budget, but also presenting them to judges and to other groups. The key point of this challenge was to make an attraction which would fit in a clear land area at Thorpe Park. As a school we were spilt into groups of six. So, there were two teams. A pair of real-life engineers were the people to judge us and give us points. The team with the largest amount of points would win the opportunity to have their attraction built into the theme park. I learnt a lot about what being an engineer is, how it can impact the world and how it feels to become an engineer for a day. Sadly, we came second in the challenge. But we all enjoyed the challenge very much and hope that if we get the opportunity to this incredible challenge again in the future to come.

TEM trip to Brunel University By Natalia Strojwas (9Dickens)
We were invited on a STEM trip to Brunel University because we had chosen to take GCSE Design and Technology.  I really enjoyed the trip as it showed me what University was like and we did lots of activities, which showed us the links between Engineering, Technology, Science and Maths. The activities were; Chocolate Welding, Knex Car Building/Racing and Lego Mindstorms.  We also got an opportunity to visit a flight Simulator and the Motorsports Lab.  All of the activities were a competition, which Rayan Bawa and Hammad Sardar won.  However, me and Sana Sardar were awarded a prize for being the first team to get the Lego Robots to follow a light source.  Brunel has great facilities and I really enjoyed my day.

Pasta Masterclass by Nadia Shah (9 Sheridan)
On the 27th of September 2017, during prospective parents’ evening, a few of the Year 9 were able to participate in a masterclass held by Miss Kaur from the Technology Department. This incredible opportunity showed us how to make pasta from scratch and taught us that it’s not as hard as it seems. Step by step we were guided along to create different shapes and sizes making it our own masterpiece. 

The future year 7’s were fascinated by the final product and were eager to be in the Technology room, cooking as well. My peers and I enjoyed the masterclass because we found it interesting to see how a few basic ingredients can create something so amazing. Overall, it was a very useful experience which taught us all a new skill that we can continue to use and develop.

Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE pupils successfully carried out a 2 hour examination practical.

Year 11 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
Year 11 students carried out their 3 hour examination practical, producing a wide selection of highly successful European dishes.

New GCSE Design and Technology course 2017-18
The new GCSE Design and Technology course started this year, which gave the pupils an opportunity to try out building a circuit.  The pupils all successfully made a working Audio Amplifier circuit with a bent plywood and acrylic casing.

GCSE Resistant Materials 2017-18
Pupils have been continuing to develop their creativity with their final products for GCSE. 

New GCSE Art & Design:Textiles course 2017-18
The new GCSE Art & Design:Textiles course started this year, which gave the pupils an opportunity to develop their creativity and experiment with textiles techniques. 

GCSE Design and Technology: Textiles Year 11 2017-18