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Examination Results 2017

Examination results this year have yet again been extremely positive and congratulations are in order for both our KS4 and KS5 students.

This year sees the first results of the new reformed A Levels where AS and A Level has been decoupled. There are a small number of Legacy AS subjects which were taken, these qualifications will be reformed in 2019. Standalone AS subjects were also taken by a small number of students.

The 2017 results also reflect the changes to reformed GCSE English Literature, English Language and Mathematics qualifications. These subjects are awarded in grades 9-1 whilst the remainder of GCSEs continue to be awarded with traditional A*-E grades. The way school’s results are being published has also changed in light of the numerical grades and results are now given as a ‘standard pass’ (grade 4 and above) and a ‘strong pass’ (at grade 5 and above).

Despite these major changes our students have performed exceptionally well and this is reflected in our exceptional examination results. 

Click here to access School performance tables on the Government website.

KS4 Exam Results 2017

2017 School (%) National
Attainment 8 55.4 44.2
Progress 8 0.95  
2017 School (%) National
Pupils who achieved a grade 4+ 'good pass' in English and Mathematics 81% 59%
Pupils who achieved a grade 5+ 'strong pass' in English and Mathematics 67% 39%
Pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBACC) 4+ 49% 22%
Pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBACC) 5+ 48% 20%

Highlights of KS4 Examinations

The Heathland School is delighted with the excellent 2017 GCSE results. Our Year 11 students achieved outstanding results yet again and we would like to congratulate them, the staff and their parents for their hard work, dedication and extensive efforts.

Examination highlights include:

  • 13 students achieved all grades at A*/A/7/8/9
  • 81 % of students achieved  5 A* -  C  grades including English and Mathematics  (4+)
  • 84% of students achieved grades 9-4 Mathematics
  • 73% of students achieved grades 9-5 in Mathematics
  • 90% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English Literature and Language
  • 78% of students achieved grades 9-5 in English Literature and Language
  • 98% of students achieved a grade A*- C in Biology/Chemistry/Physics
  • 85% of students achieved a grade A* - C in Science 

Special congratulations are awarded to the following students: 

Attainment of grade 9s in both Mathematics and English

  • Hyatt Aljumaily
  • Boris Didov
  • Talha Raza
  • Simrit Sekon

Attainment of a full set of grades at A/7-A*/8/9

  • Bushra Ahmed
  • Hyatt Aljumaliy
  • Cameron Creaser
  • Yasmin Dawoodjee
  • Boris Didov
  • Sachin Doolub
  • Sumeet Grewal
  • Rohan Mangat
  • Sanya Puri
  • Talha Raza
  • Rea Sachdeva
  • Simrit Sekhon
  • Ishan Sharma

And a further special mention goes to Simrit Sekhon who achieved three grade 9s. 

GCSE high achievers 2017

KS5 Examination Results

The performance of our Post-16 students was exceptional this year and we are proud to announce that our A*-B results have increased from last year. Many of our departments have exceeded national expectations at A* - C and the majority of measures show our results to be well above national figures. 

A-Level School National
Average grade per entry C+ C+
Average point score per entry 32.52 32.1
Number of students entered 243  

Congratulations are extended to the following A Level students who achieved all A*and A grades: 

  • Ahsan Ahmed
  • Ahmed Ali
  • Prasanna Bhusal
  • Urvashi Boolaky
  • Isuri DE Alwis
  • Jihun Dhillon
  • Larishma Dias
  • Ula El‐Tayer
  • Malisha Hair
  • Rabin Kandel
  • Rubika Kathirakamu
  • Kajal Ladva
  • Meenakshi Ladva
  • Heena Mahtey
  • Ayesha Mir
  • Amar Pankhania
  • Courtney Perkins
  • Maheen Rai
  • Anjana Ratnayake
  • Zainab Riaz
  • Hasni Rupasinghe
  • Reem Salman
  • Jasdeep Seira
  • Kamran Sharma
  • Jamie Sim
  • Aleksandra Szram
  • Haazim Tungekar
A-Level high achievers 2017

Progress in English and Maths

For students who joined Year 12 with a grade lower than C in GCSE English and Maths, the progress score were:

  School National
English 0.84 0.02
Maths 0.19 0.0


186 out of 261 students from year 11 stayed on for sixth form.
220 out 248 progressed from year 12 to 13.

Student Destinations

We are extremely proud of all the students who have continued their educational journeys and have successfully secured places at prestigious universities.

It is a great pleasure to announce that 90% of all Sixth Form applicants have secured places at Higher Education Institutions. The figure of students moving on to Higher Education has increased by 5% from last year.

We are very pleased to congratulate 25% of our students (over 200) who have successfully gained places at Russell Group Universities, this is six more students that last year. A further well done goes to 46% of our Sixth Formers who will be studying at outstanding institutions with global reputations; this figure has increased from last year and is an outstanding achievement for our students. 

A small number of students (8%) have chosen to move directly into the workplace or apprenticeship schemes whilst others have opted for internships.