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Why study Theatre Studies?

Students of AQA Drama and Theatre develop skills that are not just essential for drama but applicable to a wide range of higher education subjects and in the workplace.

Theatre refines students' collaborative skills, their analytical thinking and their approach to research. They grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop a sound appreciation of the influences that cultural and social contexts can have on decision making.

Course Content/Outline: 2 Year A Level course

Component 1
Written exam: 3 hours
This is an open book exam worth 80 marks and 40% of the A Level
Students are required to answer 3 sections. Section A is an essay question from a set play text. Section B a 2 part question from another set play text. Section C is an essay on the work of theatre makers in a live production

Component 2
This is a practical component.
Students are required to produce a working notebook (40marks) that tracks the stages of a group devised piece of theatre. This theatre must be influence by the work and methodologies of a prescribed theatre practitioner.
The performance is worth 20marks.
30% of A Level

Component 3
This is a practical component.
Students are required to explore and perform 3 extracts taken from different plays.
They must apply the methodologies of a prescribed practitioner to the performance.
Students also produce a reflective report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of the 3 extracts.
30% of A Level

What career opportunities are there?

Theatre Studies provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving and organisational and team building skills. It also requires a strong research and reading skill,  understanding how different socio-historical, cultural and political factors can all have an influence on what they are reading or performing. Theatre Studies can lead to career opportunities in the Performing Arts industry, the largest employment sector in the country. It can also help in careers including:

  • Law
  • Journalism  and Broadcasting
  • Team Management

Syllabus: Theatre Studies
Examination Board: AQA
More information: Mrs H Benfield