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​First, please read this booklet carefully to understand what each subject involves so that you can make the correct choices.  You should discuss it with your parents/guardians and your teachers. 

Options booklet is attached below. 


​You must use your correct unique pupil number when entering the options website – if you do not your choices will be decided by the school

You are only allowed to enter your choices once so make sure you check them before you press submit

Students predicted to be below Level 5c in a Language by the end of Year 9 will not be given the option of studying a Modern Foreign Language.

You can only choose Triple Science if you achieved a Level 6a in PIP 2

GCSE courses in PE and Drama may be changed to alternative vocational courses, however they will be GCSE equivalent

Please note the following subjects cannot be selected together:

  • BTEC Sport and Theory of PE
  • BTEC Performing Arts and Drama
  • VCert Food & Cookery and Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Art and Photography and Fashion/Textiles
  • Vocational ICT and Computer Science GCSE (for which Level 7 in Mathematics is required, and should have been obtained in PIP2).

Then complete the online Key Stage 4 Course Form which will be issued 7.00pm on Friday 9th March 2018 via our school website.  This must be completed by 8.30am Thursday 15th March 2018.
You will have an interview in April with a senior member of staff so that you can check through your requested options.  Your Key Stage 4 courses will then be confirmed in the Summer Term.

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