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Examination Details: 603/0406/6

Assessment Details

2 Internal assessments (60%)

1 External synoptic task (40%)

1 tier of entry for all pupils

Course Information

Component 1 Exploring the performing arts (30%)

What's assessed

  • Examine professional practitioners’ performance work
  • Explore the interrelationships between constituent features of existing performance material.

Component 2 Developing skills and techniques in the performing arts (30%)

What's assessed

  • Develop skills and techniques for performance
  • Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance
  • Review own development and performance.

Component 3 Performing to a brief (40%)

What's assessed

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts

Component number

Component title

Assessment method GLH


Exploring the performing arts


2 Developing skills and techniques in the performing arts Internal 36
3 Performing to a brief Synoptic External 48

Steps to Success in BTEC Performing arts

  • Be enthusiastic in lessons – ‘Have a go’!
  • You must attend all lessons and rehearsals (lunchtime and after school) to avoid letting others down in group assessment situations.
  • Be supportive of others’ performance work.  You can learn a lot from evaluating the work of other people.
  • Be organised about looking after the notes and scripts you are given.  Complete all written tasks diligently.  This will help you in your coursework and final examination.
  • Attend as much live theatre as possible. You live in London, theatre capital of the world!
  • Be the leader – do not be afraid to initiate ideas.  Listen to everyone’s ideas and select the best ones to try out.
  • Listen to the advice of your teachers and act upon it.
  • Think about the emotions of the character.  Can you imagine how they feel?
  •  Think about your voice: pitch, pace and volume.
  • Think about your body language, posture, facial expressions and gestures.
  • Keep a journal of all the lessons in which you participate. Explain the skills you are learning or developing. Make sure you keep a record of the ideas you contributed and how others responded to those ideas and how you respond to the ideas of others.


Useful websites:
National Theatre YouTube Page