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Bloodhound races into Anthropocene epoch

As humans, we have always wanted to dominate the world- ever since the early days of our existence. Taming animals is a good example of this. However, now that we have entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene epoch. The word Anthropocene is derived from Greek: ‘Anthropo’ is ‘man’ or ‘human’ and ‘cene’ is ‘new’. Therefore, the word Anthropocene is the age of man. Geologists are not certain when we entered this new epoch but the criteria are based on how we have affected the environment. We, as a species, have more power than every other living thing: we can destroy habitats, we can explore galaxies, we can pollute, change the temperature of the Earth itself and we have the power to breed animals and create hybrids which nature did not create.

The Bloodhound project is an example of some of the extraordinary records humans are trying to achieve. Being the fastest car ever created, it is clear this is an example of the futuristic devices and it is safe to say we have entered a whole new period of time. Many devices today are created in mass, which is not environmentally friendly.  It is statistically proven that 4/5 people believe leading a green lifestyle would be more expensive- in some cases that is true. An option to utilise money that has not already been invested in projects could be to raise awareness on fair trade and pollution, potentially reducing wastage by 35% (65% already recycle). Poverty could be relieved to some extent and people’s lives could be improved.

Despite the fact that it is claimed by the Bloodhound website that they cannot produce the vehicle whilst being environmentally friendly, it is a safe project which has begun for a good cause: helping the younger generations learn about STEM and improve connections as the project is global. Schools are encouraged to teach pupils about STEM, a popular field which students are not aware of. The Heathland School is one of the schools across the country which motivates pupils to explore areas of STEM with unique projects such as reporting about the project or creating model cars. Hopefully, this will educate students on STEM as well as conserving the environment.