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On Friday 5th February I had the opportunity to watch a German play called “Zwillinge.” Zwillinge is a romantic comedy.

The plot focuses on Annika, who has to perform a play called “Walls” at school and has asked Lukas to help her perform.

Lukas has an identical twin brother called Dominik but Annika does not know this. Dominik, unlike Lukas, is a fantastic actor who is full of ideas and whenever Lukas leaves the room he enters pretending to be Lukas.

Annika is unaware of the fact she is rehearsing with two different people which creates a lot of confusion as one minute Lukas is really enthusiastic and the next he is not even interested.

The time to perform comes but Lukas has left.

I really enjoyed this play as it was funny but also enabled me to expand my German vocabulary at the same time.

Madeeha Tallat, 10G1