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STEM visit to Imperial College: Yr10 workshops.


The year 10 trip to the Imperial college wasn’t only a great way to get an insight into college life but also a good chance to interact with students our own age in Science and Maths activities that we all enjoyed thoroughly. The trip even though it did consist of its typical underground to and from work tube journey and the odd dirty platform, it was all worth the wait. The imperial college London was a really inspiring and truly eye opening opportunity for all the students that took part. We looked at DNA fingerprinting, rates of reaction, properties of waves, platonic solids and Topology: it was a real chance to almost see into our own bright futures in what we hope will be a place like that. Big thanks to Mr Sturdy and Mr Stoten for helping organise and run the trip safely and smoothly and hopefully many more great opportunities to come.

By Jamie Sim