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Brilliant Club Launch Trip 2016


On 16th June, 22 year 12 students travelled to Royal Holloway University in Egham for the launch of the Brilliant Club Scholars’ Programme 2016. They had tutorials with Ph.D. tutors in groups of 3-4 and a tour of the university. As part of the Brilliant Club Scholars’ Programme, they will have a total of five Ph.D. Tutorials and complete a 2500-word project at undergraduate level. They will graduate on a trip to either Oxford or Cambridge in the autumn.

Photo: The 2016 Brilliant Club Cohort in the sumptuously decorated chapel at Royal Holloway University.

L-R: FRONT: Anjana Ratnayake, Ahmed Ali, Mustafa Abdi,Kajal Ladva,Isuri de Alwis,Urvi Boolaky,Ula El Tayar,
L-R: MIDDLE: Malisha Hair, Rubika Kathirakamu, Ruwini Munasinghe, Nassra Adam, Holly Creaser, Aleksandra Szram, Courtney Perkins, Angel Kate Tolentino, Micha Vidot
L-R: BACK: Mohammad Osman, Silas Mathew, Rabin Kandel, Sam Dunckley, Jamie Sim, Jasdeep Seira