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King's Exeter Mathematics Competition


Fifty different schools took part in a nationwide Mathematics competition organised by King’s-Exeter Mathematics Colleges in London. The competition was to create a video on one of three famously challenging Mathematics problems, explaining the problem and extending the thinking on the solutions to the problem. The problems were ‘The Seven Bridges of Königsberg’, ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and ‘Bezout’s Buckets’.

Three teams from The Heathland School won prizes in the competition and were invited to a Mathematics workshop and prize giving ceremony at King’s College campus on the South Bank. At the workshop the students were joined by prize-winners from other schools and worked on problems related to the famous theorems. They were assisted by undergraduates from the college. It was fantastic to see how our students interacted with the undergraduates and gained valuable insights on matters such as Proof in Mathematics. There was a riveting lecture by professional mathematician Will Donovan from the University of Edinburgh. He showed the students how to engage with a lecturer in a college situation and this will be invaluable for our students when they go on to University. He also highlighted the fact that Mathematics is a profession in its own right.

Certificates of success were presented to our winners by the Head of all three Mathematics schools at King’s College Mathematics, Professor Michael Luck. Afia Khan, Hope White, Sana Ahmed, Sruthi Boppana won an ‘innovation award‘. They used a cake as their blackboard and decorated the cake with mathematics to explain their ideas. Kojo Amoasi, Aaron Sharma, Alexander Gough and Taranvir Sekhon won the Regional West London prize and Sanika Nair, Bhavya Meda, Bahara Haidari and Duda Sokoli won a highly commended award.