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Universify – Arush Dahiya (11Ke)

Over the past year, two of our Most Able year 11 pupils were given the fantastic opportunity to participate in the Universify programme.
Universify is a year-long programme aiming to raise pupils’ aspirations of attending university. During the summer, these pupils had the opportunity to attend a weeklong residential summer course at Oxford University.

Arush Dahiya (11Ke) wrote the following about his experience:

“The Universify Programme was an educational journey designed to prepare us for higher education while fostering personal growth and building connections. The taster lessons were great; the selected topics sparked our interest, fostered critical thinking, and enriched our knowledge in a variety of university courses. The sessions were not only educational; they also gave us an engaging platform to investigate new concepts and viewpoints. In addition, the Oxford Scavenger Hunt brought a fun and engaging element to our city trip, developing our bond with Oxford and the other participants. 

The Universify Programme was an unforgettable educational and personal journey that combined intellectual stimulation and exploration. It serves as a bridge to higher education, an opportunity to learn, grow, and create cherished memories that will stay with us for years to come. I highly recommend it and thank the school for sending me.”