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Heathland Staff given engaging inset by literacy expert Phil Beadle


The Heathland School staff spent half their inset day this week in a vibrant spelling, punctuation and grammar seminar with Phil Beadle. Phil is an internationally recognised expert on teaching and learning, and remains a practising inner-city English teacher.

Staff spent the afternoon embroiled in the challenges that students face while attempting to learn the spellings to all 100,000+ words in the English language, correctly using a semi-colon, and the harrowing struggle between ‘there’ and ‘their’ (“there is no excuse,” says Phil: “they are two completely different words; you might as well have written ‘table’ instead!”).

Phil was able to dispel the myths that surround these subjects (you can split all the infinitives you like!), and gave teachers a useful toolkit of kinaesthetic games to help students enjoy getting stuck in to grammar.