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‘Welcome to the Heathland School Alumni Association. We invite you to join this association of pupils who have studied at the Heathland School.

The school wants to establish links with the local community and there is no better way of doing this than through ex – pupils. It is well known that youngsters identify better with people who have been through the same experiences as themselves. You will be able to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from different professional fields to help support the development of our current pupils.

If you are interested in joining our Alumni Association and want to get involved in helping today’s Heathlanders, follow this link to the website Future First, click on the tab for former students and sign up. You will then be able to join the association of former pupils who, like yourselves, share the same values, memories and the desire to help todays pupils achieve their goals in the future.’

Click here and sign up FutureFirst Heathland Alumni network.