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Head of Department: Miss F. Harris, BA (Hons)

Whether Art becomes a student’s GCSE or A Level Option, career choice or an interest and hobby they engage with for life, learning about Art is at the very core of our visual communication. Art is a social commentary of history, events and culture that helps create a well-rounded person. Art enables students to develop their creative and independent skills valued by employers and industries worth up to £10.8 billion each year (Arts Council, 2020). Art also gives young people the opportunity to express their ideas, hopes and dreams as well as embedding interests and skills that are invaluable to their wellbeing.

Students will have the opportunity to work on projects that study artists from contemporary and diverse cultural backgrounds, explore a wide range of skillls from drawing and sculpture to photography. This could lead to one of the many creative industry jobs that make up 10% of the UK’s workforce. All teachers in The Heathland School’s Art Department have studied Art at a post-graduate level, and technicians at graduate level, ensuring our students learn to the highest standards.

‘By making Art a part of the national curriculum, we give the next generation of artists, designers, engineers, creators and cultural leaders the opportunity to develop the imagination and skills that are vital to our future.’

At The Heathland School student will be able to experience:

  • 3 Art Studios for Art, Photography, and KS3, Photographic studio and Darkroom
  • Lunchtime and after-school clubs, studio session and competitions for all year groups
  • Key Stage 3 Annual Exhibition
  • GCSE and A Level Annual Exhibition and Art Week: engaging with local primary schools, student led workshops and visiting artists.
  • Several trips to leading galleries throughout the year.
  • Collaboration with artists, universities, galleries and projects including artist-led  workshops such as Waterman’s Art Centre, Tate Galleries, Royal Academy, The Courtauld, Late at the Tate, The Big Draw, Rivers of the World and Arts Award.

The Heathland School is proud to have achieved Silver Arts Award in 2020