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Why study Business Studies?

Business Studies gives students the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of many business concepts and how they help create a successful business as well as their effects on society.  Students will gain a critical understanding of organisations and the markets they serve.  Students will gain a range of transferable skills, including decision-making, how to create a successful brand in light of current business and economic information. You could be the next Apprentice!

Course content/Outline:

A Level unit assessment

Paper 1 (2 hours / 33.3% of A-Level): Three compulsory sections.

  • Section A: 15 multiple choice questions
  • Section B: short answer questions
  • Section C and D: two essay questions

Paper 2 (2 hours/33.3% of A-Level): Three data response compulsory questions.

Paper 3 (2 hours / 33.3% of A-Level): One compulsory case study

What career opportunities are there?

Students with AS or A Level Business Studies have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. You can start a career in business armed with an excellent knowledge of how businesses operate. In particular you will have a head start in careers within accountancy, marketing and human resources.

Business Studies combines well with a range of social science, humanities, and mathematics subjects to lead to University in areas such as: Business, Economics, Law and Accountancy.

Syllabus: Business Studies
Examination Board: AQA
More information: Miss S P Kaur