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Mr. C. Couch, M.A.  B.A. - Manager of CEIAG/Advisor

Careers and educational guidance is an intrinsic element of the pastoral care provided by the school. Students have the option to seek advice and guidance throughout the academic year which helps inform and enable them to achieve their potential.

With the implementation of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020, the school is working towards fulfilling this government directive and build upon the continuing work of careers guidance within the school.

  1. A stable careers program: The role of the schools full time careers advisor has expanded over the past four years and adapted to meet the needs of every child. All students have access to advice and guidance on CV’s, personal statements, interview techniques, apprenticeship applications, opportunities and more. The clear aim is to ensure that each student has the necessary information at their disposal to make an effective application whether it’s to University or an Apprenticeship.
  2. Learning from career and labour market information: Information regarding career opportunities within the local area and beyond are constantly being assessed through networking and liaising with local employers such as British Airways, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline and others. This information is passed onto students via assemblies, opportunities and one-to-one meetings.
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil: All pupils have the opportunity to speak to the careers advisor one-to-one during the academic year. There is an open door policy during lunchtimes and appointments can be made in advance. Advice and guidance is tailored according to the needs of the pupil.
  4. Linking curriculum with careers: Through assemblies and ongoing classroom delivery, the school is working towards linking the school curriculum with careers education which in turn, promotes informed decision making.
  5. Encounters with employers and employees: The Year 9 World of Work Day is the perfect opportunity for students to speak to businesses and professionals from a wide range of careers. Former pupils (alumni) also share their experiences and advice through presentations and informal discussions. Year-on-year the world of work day invites an average of 50 visitors to the event from a wide range of careers and educational backgrounds.
  6. Experience of workplaces: Schemes such as Kick Start, Giving Time and industry visits throughout the year give our pupils an understanding of the businesses within the local area, apprenticeship opportunities and expectations of employers when recruiting young people.
  7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education: Year 12 Higher Education day invites Universities from across the country including Oxford, Kings College London, Swansea, Portsmouth, Royal Holloway and Bristol among others. The careers advisor also attends conferences at Universities such as LSE and Durham whereupon advice is gathered on how students can make effective applications to the top universities. The careers advisor also sits on the interviewing panel for medical interviews at Imperial College London which gives a unique perspective on how to prepare our students for medical applications.
  8. Personal Guidance: Careers guidance is delivered with a holistic approach taking into account more than just the students’ academic record to ensure they are having access to information personalised to them. This in turn helps students to make informed decisions based on their future educational or career pathway.

The Careers office can be found in the library.

Twitter: @heathlandcareer