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The Governing Body affirms that there will be no charge for activities which form part of the
curriculum or form part of the course for specified examinations.  However, the Governing Body
recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including visits
and residential experience can make towards pupils’ personal and social education.

The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and
balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.

The Governing Body will not normally make a charge to parents for activities wholly or mainly
within school hours, but parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution to school costs. 
Pupils of parents who are unable or unwilling to contribute will not be discriminated against.  In
the event of insufficient voluntary contributions being made, the activity may have to be

** This policy is based on advice from the Department of Education (DfE) on charging for school
activities and the Education Act 1996, sections 449 – 462, of which set out the law on charging for
school activities in community maintained schools.