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The principles underpinning curriculum design

Central to the school’s Mission Statement is our firm belief that pupils learn best within a secure, well-disciplined learning environment that provides a broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to promote outstanding academic success through challenging our pupils to achieve more than they thought possible.

Our curriculum is based on academic subjects taught by highly qualified staff in specialist accommodation. From Year 7, pupils are placed in teaching sets according to their ability in each subject with the exception of Art, Drama, Music, Religious Education and Physical Education. In the latter subjects pupils are taught in Tutor Groups until Year 8. Homework is an integral part of pupils’ learning and pupils in all years receive regular homework set according to a homework timetable. All pupils study ICT and Religious Education to GCSE standard and the majority also study a modern foreign language and a technology subject to GCSE.

Most pupils sit 11 GCSE examinations and our most able mathematicians and scientists sit more. A few pupils, with a particular aptitude for practical work, complete vocational courses which are equivalent to GCSE.

Our Sixth Form is the largest in Hounslow, enabling us to offer a wide range of GCE A level courses in addition to Vocational and Applied courses. This year approximately 200 of our Year 13 pupils will take up places at university from both A Level and BTEC programmes of study.


Our curriculum at The Heathland School provides a challenge for pupils both academically and socially to achieve more than they thought possible from their starting point. It aims to foster pupils' intellectual, social, moral, physical and personal development and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to become responsible citizens and embark upon the next stage of their education, training or employment. There is a strong emphasis on developing pupils' confidence and resilience to ensure that pupils have the ambition to aspire to university, apprenticeships and a wide range of career paths. Enjoyment and curiosity should be at the heart of all learning in a safe environment.

The curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive. We believe that Mathematics and English should be prominent but not at the expense of all other subjects. Alongside the traditional academic subjects, pupils have the opportunity to study a range of creative subjects to develop their aesthetic appreciation.  Subjects across the curriculum seek to address gaps in pupils’ knowledge and offer a diverse set of opportunities to develop their experience beyond the curriculum to ensure pupils develop the cultural capital to succeed in life. Pupils also participate in a range of activities to promote their health and well-being. All of this is supported by an extensive extra-curricular programme.  

For information about the content of the curriculum in each academic year please click the links below:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Sixth Form

In addition to this, each department provides information about the content of the curriculum. Please click here to access this information.

Any queries about the curriculum should be addressed to the relevant Head of Department or the Deputy Head (Curriculum) using this email address: