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The History Department was delighted with the recent examination results. Our A-Level students have continued to excel with many of our Year 13 pupils going on to study History, Politics and related degrees at some of the UK’s top universities. 

We saw continued success at GCSE with a pass rate that again exceeded local and national averages in all new grading measurements. More and more History pupils are continuing their love and interest by pursuing A levels in both History and Politics.  

Unfortunately due to the covid related restrictions in place we weren’t able to offer our usual exciting range of trips this year but have planned an interesting range for the 2021-22 academic year. Year 7’s will be visiting both St Paul’s Cathedral and the Thames Explorer experience where they will get hands on with artefacts stretching back through the history of London. Year 8’s will be visiting Hampton Court palace, exploring Tudor and Stuart life and experiencing a workshop where they will be investigating Elizabeth I’s problems and coming up with some of their own solutions. Finally Year 9 will be visiting the Bletchley Park where they will learn about amazing work of cracking codes which helped win WW2.  

  Our GCSE and A Level students will be provided with opportunities to extend their knowledge and love of the subject. Year 10 students will have an opportunity to take part in the Jack the Ripper walk and Year 11 students will be visiting the Imperial War museum to learn about the Cold War and the impact of Nazi rule on minorities. Year 12 Historians and Politics students will also be going on a London walk, although instead of tracing Jack the Rippers steps, it will be that of Karl Marx.  Finally, Year 13 will be making their way to Portsmouth harbour to explore the Naval museum, boarding some of Britain’s most significant ships and deepening their knowledge about the British empire and the Royal Navy.