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Why study Economics?

Economics gives students the opportunity to gain a good knowledge and understanding of the tools of economic analysis and of the problems to which these tools are applied. Students will acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of economic principles, theories and concepts, which will enable them to assess and evaluate economic problems. It will draw on students’ ability to interpret data presented in written, numerical and graphical forms, from which they will draw valid conclusions.

Course content/Outline:

A Level unit assessment

  • Paper 1: (2 hours / 33.3% of A-Level) Markets and Market Failure. Data response questions and essay questions.
  • Paper 2: (2 hours / 33.3% of A-Level) National and International Economy. Data response questions and essay questions.
  • Paper 3: (2 hours / 33.3% of A-Level) Economic Principles and Issues. Multiple Choice Questions and essay questions.

What career opportunities are there?

Economics is a respected, academic subject welcomed by Higher Education. It is the social science that investigates the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economics is the study of human behaviour and the extent to which wants are met by the scarce resources available. Many Heathland Economics pupils have gone on to have careers in Economics related jobs, such as Financial Trading, Banking and Management. 

Syllabus: Economics
Examination Board: AQA
More information: Miss S P Kaur