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Floods from the River Thames

Recently, Berkshire and Surrey in England have been affected by severe floods as the roads are now a few metres underwater. The River Thames continues to rise, leaving more local towns flooded, destroying shops, houses and businesses.  It is not only streets that are being flooded; also many fields are being left underwater with destroyed crops. The people in Berkshire and Surrey are greatly affected by the floods because they are unable to leave their houses without walking through dirty water that may also contain sewage. It is estimated that around 2,500 homes in surrey are at risk to be flooded. Supermarket supplies are also reduced due to the flooded fields.

Transport is either unavailable or very hard to receive. People cannot use their cars due to the high water levels and some people are required to use boats. The wildlife in Surrey and Berkshire is also in danger and their habitats could be destroyed.
Members of the royal family have also recently visited the places that have been affected to uplift the spirits of the people.
The death toll of the floods keeps rising. Over 6 people have died and it is likely that it shall rise. A lot of the deaths were from the water pushing trees down and crushing people.