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Food and Cookery NCFE Level 2

Course Specification available here

This qualification is designed for pupils with an interest in food and cookery. It will provide you with experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to enable you to make a variety of dishes.

The objectives of this qualification are to help you to:

  • Prepare and cook using basic skills
  • Understand food and its functions in the body and in recipes
  • Understand balanced diets and modification of recipes for health
  • Plan and produce dishes for a purpose.

Throughout the delivery of this qualification you will develop your skills in planning, researching, communicating, problem-solving and will increase your knowledge of health and safety.

How pupils are assessed:

Students are required to successfully complete 3 Coursework units, focusing on the following topics:

Preparing to Cook (25%). Enables you to understand Health and Safety principals within the Food environment. You will be able to understand how to follow recipes to enable you to cook a range of dishes. This will involve a portfolio of work which is internally assessed.

Understanding Food (25%). You will understand food sources and the factors that can affect food choices. This includes social, environmental and cultural factors. This will then be applied when selecting and cooking dishes. This will involve a portfolio of work which is internally assessed.

Plan and Produce Dishes in Response to a Brief (25%). This unit will allow you to demonstrate your research and evaluation skills. You will create a menu and demonstrate the manufacture of a certain amount of dishes in response to a design brief. This will involve a portfolio of work which is internally assessed.

There is also a 2 hour external examination (25%) which you are able to re-sit once.

Exploring Balanced Diets. You will learn about the importance of a healthy diet and also what is needed in order for a diet to be balanced. You will learn how to modify recipes in order to make them healthier.

The final grade for the qualification is based on a structure of Not Yet Achieved, Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*. This vocational qualification is equivalent to 1 GCSE at grades A*-C.


There is the possibility of some lessons continuing until 4:00pm on Thursdays to allow for additional cooking time.