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GCSE Art & Design: Textiles

Examination Details AQA 8205

Course Specification available here

Assessment Details

  • Component 1 – Portfolio’s (60%)
  • Component 2 – Examination piece (40%)

Course Information

During Year 10 and the Autumn Term of Year 11 pupils will work on three projects, these projects are designed to work on new and creative textile embellishment techniques with a view of making two outcomes. The pupils will be introduced to a range of different media and will be encouraged to experiment with a range of materials and product designs. The projects will be more complex as the pupils move through the course. The second and third project combine to become the Portfolio for Component 1.

From January in Year 11 until the end of the course the pupils will work on their examination piece. The topics for this are set by AQA and will be issued to the pupils in the first lesson. Pupils will be required to complete a portfolio of research and designs before making their final piece during a 10 hour practical examination.

Additional Recommendation

Pupils will need to buy portfolios with good quality paper, they will also be encouraged to purchase a resource pack from the school.

During the two year course pupils will be given opportunities to visit museums and galleries to support their portfolio work.

Steps to Success in GCSE Art and Design Textiles

  1. Spend time researching creative techniques on Pinterest
  2. Try to use as many different techniques in your work as you can – be creative and think outside the box
  3. Experiment with different materials – don’t just use fabric, stitch card, paper, bubble wrap even rubbish is a good material to work with
  4. Keep up to date with all portfolio work
  5. Come to technology club every week to practise new skills
  6. Ensure that you annotate every page, be critical what could you do better, what else can you try?
  7. Practice figure drawings, if you find this hard always use a model outline
  8. Photograph your work
  9. Bring your resource pack to every lesson
  10. Be proud of what you have made

Useful Resources


Fashion magazines – Vogue

Research on London and New York fashion week