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Head of Department - Mr P Diaz, B.A.

The aim of the History Department is to provide each pupil with a sound understanding of the past. The teaching combines studies in breadth and depth through examination of British, European and global events. This is achieved through the study of a range of topics included in the National Curriculum: Our Place in History, Ancient Empires, Power in Medieval Britain, Monarchy & Parliament in Britain 1500-1900, The British Empire & the Slave Trade, the Twentieth Century World Wars and Edexcel History GCSE’.  All pupils will have the opportunity to use ICT in the History computer room.  Extra curricular activities include a History ICT and homework support club, a range of trips including to the First World War cemeteries in Belgium and Most Able and SEN opportunities.

History at Advanced Level in the Sixth Form is a well supported and successful subject. Year 12 pupils have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament to enhance their study of modern British political history. The department also offers an Advanced Level course in Politics.