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GCSE Religious Studies

Examination Details 1RB0 Full Course

Course Specification available here

Assessment Details

100% written examination

2 x 1 hour 45 minutes examinations as follows:

  • All pupils to sit Paper 1: Area of Study 1 – Religion and Ethics. Option 1C (Islam), 1E (Hinduism) or 1G (Sikhism) as per their Y9 options.
  • All pupils to sit Paper 2: Area of Study 1 – Religion, Peace and Conflict. Option 2B: Christianity.

There is only 1 tier of entry.

Course Information

Pupils will have 1 x RE and 1 x RS lesson each week, and will be set homework every other week for each.

Paper 1: Religion and Ethics (RS) based on the study of Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism:

  • Belief in God

  • Marriage and the Family

  • Living a Religious Life

  • Matters of Life and Death

Paper 2: Religion, Peace and Conflict (RE) based on a study of Christianity:

  • Christian beliefs about God

  • Crime and Punishment

  • Living a Christian Life

  • Peace and Conflict

Steps to Success in Religious Studies

  1. Make sure you have the revision guides for both the units you study.
  2. Make sure you do not use slang or abbreviations.
  3. Learn all the key words from each section very thoroughly.
  4. Make sure you explain by giving reasons. Your reasons will usually have to be religious ones.
  5. Make sure you use specialist words.
  6. Make sure you know and understand what the different religious attitudes are and the reasons for these attitudes.
  7. Learn the different Christian denominational views.
  8. Practise writing under timed conditions.
  9. If you are absent, copy up the work that you have missed.
  10. Attend RS booster classes before exams.