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GCSE Mathematics

Course Specification available here

Assessment Details

The course is assessed at the end of Year 11 by three written papers, each contributing one third to the final grade. One paper is non-calculator, the other two are calculator and each is of length 1 hour 30 minutes.

Each paper will have a range of question types, utilising both structured and unstructured questions.  Some questions on the paper will be set in context, both mathematical and non-mathematical.

2 tiers of entry: foundation (5-1) and higher (9-4)

Course Information

The GCSE Mathematics course develops knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts, including Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics and Probability. Pupils are expected to make connections between mathematical concepts and apply the functional elements of mathematics in everyday and real-life situations.

All pupils will require basic geometrical equipment and their own scientific calculator. Any calculators from the Casio fx-83 or fx-85 ranges are strongly recommended.

Steps to Success in GCSE Mathematics 2017

  1. Make sure you know your login for Hegarty Maths.
  2. Go through your exercise book and highlight any topics/questions which you need to practise or ask for help on. 
  3. Attend the daily lunchtime homework club in 201Y to ask for support with difficult topics.
  4. Use the ‘Mathematics’ page of the Student Shared Area to practise past papers under timed conditions.
  5. Use the mark schemes on the Student Shared Area to check your answers and make corrections.
  6. Use the Hegarty Maths videos and tasks to practise problematic topics.
  7. Seek help before homework is due so that you are able to complete the tricky questions.
  8. Read through your notes the night before your next lesson in order to remind yourself of key points from the previous week.
  9. Structure your class work so that important facts are clearly highlighted in order to assist with revision at the end of the course.

Useful websites: