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Why study Media Studies?

Media Studies is one of the fastest growing subjects. It aids communication and increases practical skills in handling different media technology. The course provides the opportunity for analytical study and increases personal confidence when re-creating different forms of media. 

Course content/Outline:

Year 12 Units

Component 1. Media Messages (2 Hour Written examination)

  • In depth study of newspapers, both print, online and social media sites.
  • Music Videos and their cultural context
  • Advertising
  • Magazines and the application of representation theory.

Component 3. Making Media (Coursework 30%)
The production of an examined brief.

Year 13 Units

Component 2. Evolving Media (2 Hour Written Examination)
  • In depth study of Long Form TV Drama
  • The Institutions of the Film Industry
  • Radio and its place in political context.
  • Video Games and convergence of audience

The Media is all around us. Why not learn more about it?

What career opportunities are there?

Media Studies provides analytical and creative opportunities for its students. It explores the function and operation of different media industries, as well as developing technical, creative and analytical skills that enhance your communication in a range of media. Future career options could include Multimedia specialist, Television Producer, Journalist, Manager, Market Researcher.

Syllabus: Media Studies
Examination Board: OCR
More information: Miss E Leslie / Dr S Purchase