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Why study Psychology?

Psychology goes far beyond knowing about the brain. Psychology seeks to explain some of the causes of human behaviour, for example you’ll analyse the extent to which our behaviour is determined by social, emotional, environmental and/or biological factors. The Psychology course covers a wide breadth of topics. In the Social Influence topic we seek to explain why some people succumb to peer pressure more than others and why some people might follow instructions even when they know it is morally wrong. In the Memory topic we look at models of how memory actually works and some of the ways this has an impact in society, for example for people who witness crimes. You will also explore the methods psychologists use in their research and the various approaches used by Psychologists to offer explanations and treatments for illness such as schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. 

Course content/Outline:

The Heathland School uses the AQA exam board and the examinations at the end of the two year course are as follows:

Paper 1.

Introductory Topics in Psychology (Social Influence, Memory, Attachment & Psychopathology)

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 96 (33% of total A Level)

Paper 2.

Psychology in Context (Biopsychology, Approaches & Research Methods)

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 96 (33% of total A Level)

Paper 3.

Issues & Options in Psychology (Issues & Debates; Gender; Aggression & Schizophrenia)

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 96 (33% of total A Level)

What career opportunities are there?

Psychology ‘A’ Level is appropriate for careers in Psychology and other sciences that involve behaviour.  It has been used as an entry qualification for a diverse range of university courses including medicine, law and marketing. 

Please note that it is not a necessary entry requirement for Psychology courses at University.

Syllabus: Psychology

Examination Board: AQA

More information: Miss H Lally