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At the Heathland School we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children

The School follows the guidelines as published by the Department for Education under Section 175 of the Education Act 2002 and Keeping Children Safe in Education. The Whole School Policy for Child Protection and Safeguarding can be found in the policies section of this website. The school works closely with Hounslow LA and a wide range of external agencies.

The Governing Body, Headteacher and staff understand their responsibility, under safeguarding legislation and statutory guidance, to be alert to the signs of child abuse and to refer concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Lead

At the centre of our Safeguarding Practice are:

  • Safe recruitment practices to help deter, reject or identify people who may pose a risk to children
  • A PSHE curriculum and Assembly programme that educates students on how to keep safe and who to inform when concerned
  • High quality Safeguarding training for all staff members
  • Support for any child who has been subject to abuse

The School’s Safeguarding Teams consist of:

Mrs N C Benedict Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs E Turner Acting Deputy Headteacher Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr E Spragg Senior Teacher; Head of Year 13 Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr L Nwagbara Lead Learning Mentor Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Should you have a concern about the safety of a child, there are a number of ways that you can make a referral by contacting:

  • The School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead or Deputy Safeguarding Lead on 020 8572 4411
  • Heads of Year on 020 8572 4411

    Telephone 0208 583 6600 first select Option TWO for Children’s Services then there are further options, three of which relate to this guidance:

    With immediate effect, all safeguarding referrals must now go to

    Any URGENT referrals please contact the Front Door on 020 8583 6600 Option 2 then Option 3 and discuss your concerns.

  • The police on 999 or 101

Further information is available in the Whole School Policy for Child Protection and Safeguarding  


Keeping safe online is becoming increasingly important. Whilst the Internet has purposes in daily life, there is also a negative side, with cybercrime, inappropriate material and illegal activity taking place online. The School is committed to ensuring staff and students alike have the knowledge to safeguard themselves against viruses, hacking and have an awareness of the dangers of using social media. E-Safety is concerned with the Safeguarding of young people and ensuring they remain safe when using digital technology. E-Safety is covered in KS3 Computing Lessons, in assemblies and in PSHE lessons.