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Why study Sociology?

Sociology is concerned with the study of society and the key institutions that affect our lives. It seeks explanations for human behaviour and beliefs. If you have ever wondered why some people get better GCSE grades than others, why people commit crime or how families have changed over the last 100 years, Sociology is the subject for you. The study of Sociology encourages intellectual skills and attitudes that can be very useful in many areas of education and life. The subject lends itself to discussion and debate and encourages students to relate their studies to contemporary events. Those who are interested in current affairs, keen to understand how society works and are interested in theoretical approaches to study would benefit from this course. Much of the examination content is essay based, so strength in narrative writing is beneficial for this course.

Course content/Outline:

The Heathland School uses the AQA exam board and the examinations at the end of the two year course are as follows:

Paper 1.

Theme: Education and Methods in Context

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 80 (33% of total A Level)

Paper 2.

Theme: Families & Households and Beliefs in Society

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 80 (33% of total A Level)

Paper 3.

Theme: Crime & Deviance and Theory & Methods

Exam length: 2 hours

Marks: 80 (33% of total A Level)

What career opportunities are there? 

Sociology students have a wide range of Higher Education and career options open to them. It is fully recognised as a Higher Education qualification by university Admissions Tutors. It is also extremely useful for those wishing to pursue careers in Management, Human Resources, The Media, Journalism, Social Work, Education, the Civil Service and many sectors of employment.

Syllabus: Sociology

Examination Board: AQA

More information: Miss H Lally