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Class of 2014-2016

Enada Pupla joined in 2014 from Twickenham Academy

Joining the Heathland school was one of the easiest transitions I've had to make from Twickenham Academy. Everyone was so friendly, hospitable, enthusiastic and determined to achieve their goals for the future. I have loved everybody's company as they have made me feel really welcomed.

Lessons have been very enjoyable and everyone is treated equally with no discrimination between new and existing students. I have made some fantastic new friends with great personalities. The teachers are extremely supportive and provide all students with help and advice about all subjects as well as extracurricular information. Whenever I need help I am not afraid to ask anyone for support.

The Heathland School has offered me a range of great experiences including becoming a Heathland School Health Ambassador, becoming a Senior Prefect and organising several events such as Women Of the World day.

During my time at Heathlands I have had the opportunity to attend a Cambridge master class on Biomedical Sciences and have been lucky enough to be a part of Brilliant club and attended universities such at Royal Holloway and Queen Mary's as well as being involved with the EPQ.
It's been a great experience attending Heathlands and meeting these brilliant new students and teachers who are approachable and friendly with each and every member of the community. It's a pleasure to be a part of The Heathland School.

Anum Abassi joined in 2014 from The Rivers Academy

Choosing a sixth form was definitely an easy task as I knew The Heatland School was my best option. Only when Ii enrolled and spent a year studying here did I really understand how well Heathlands unbeatable statistics transferred into a reality. I honestly cannot fault the sixth form in any way. During my year here, the teachers have been of such a high quality, the environment is well disciplined but there is a level of freedom and independence to a healthy extent. As far as first impressions go, The Heathland School have given an impeccable one. I am excited to start my final year at The Heathland School, as I know it will be a brilliant year.

Mustafa Qurashi joined in 2014 from The Kingsley Academy

Since I started attending The Heathland  School, I have found both the staff and the students incredibly welcoming. Sixth formers are offered not only opportunities to get involved with the school by becoming prefects and school councillors, but also chances to enjoy extra-curricular clubs and become part of enrichment programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and the Brilliant Club. Over the last year, I have experienced the excellent teaching that the Heathland School has to offer and feel I have become part of the school.

Arian Waissy joined in 2014 from Feltham Community College

Attending The Heathland School has helped me to develop important life skills and prepare for the future. The transition was surprisingly easy and I enjoyed the Induction activities. Students have been warm and welcoming and all of my teachers have been enthusiastic and approachable. I have really benefitted from the expertise offered in the Science and Mathematics Departments and the excellent guidance for Higher Education.

Saleha Khan joined in 2014 from The Kingsley Academy

As an external student I was quickly offered a range of opportunities to enable me to really become part of the school. I was made a House captain, a Form representative and a prefect which has enabled me to develop leadership skills. I have taken part in Women of the World day, a mock UN debate and ‘Heathland’s Got Talent. I also hosted gala Concert. I would certainly say that opportunities are plenty and this alongside excellent teaching has led me to conclude that I made an excellent choice of school for the Sixth Form