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The application process is now closed. Students will be informed of their courses during their leadership interviews and parents will be informed in the summer term.


Friday 20th March – Options application form will be available online

Thursday 26th March 8am – Options application deadline

May 2020 – Leadership interviews to confirm your choices

Year 09 Pathways Presentation

Year 9 Pathways Evening on Thursday 19th March has been cancelled. Please see the video below for all information. There is also a transcript attached below for your information.

Following the Year 9 Assemblies, you should have a clearer understanding about the options process. 

​Please read the Options Booklet carefully to understand what each subject involves so that you can make the correct choices.  You should discuss it with your parents/guardians and your teachers. 

The Options booklet is attached below. 


​On Friday 20th March, the online application form will be available and you must use your correct unique pupil number when entering the options website – if you do not your choices will be decided by the school. This number will be allocated to you before this date.

Please note the following:

You are only allowed to enter your choices once so make sure you check them before you press submit. 

Separate Sciences will be offered depending on the results your Year 9 Science exam and

PIP2 data.

Computer Science will be offered depending on the results of your Year 9 Computing exam

and PIP2 data.

The following subjects cannot be selected together:

  • BTEC Sport and Theory of PE
  • Art, Photography and Textile Design
  • Vocational ICT and Computer Science GCSE

If you choose Drama you may be moved to BTEC Performing Arts, if your analytical skills are not strong enough

If you choose Theory of PE, you may be moved to BTEC Sport if your practical performance is not high enough

Wishing you’re the best of luck with your options.

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