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Key dates 2022 - 2023

Thursday 4th May 2023

Year 9 Pathways Evening  

Friday 5th May 2023, 3.20pm

The application forms will be available online from 3.20pm.

 The form can only be accessed via a link sent which will be sent to your school email account.

Thursday 11th May 2023

Application deadline 9.00am.

June 2023

Letters to parents to confirm course selections

Following the Pathways Evening, you should have a clear understanding about the options process and the courses available.

​Please read the Key Stage 4 Options booklet carefully to understand what each subject involves so that you can make the correct choices.  You should discuss it with your parents/guardians and your teachers. 

The Options booklet is attached below. 


​On Friday 5th May, the online application form will be available at 3.20pm.  The form can only be accessed via a personal link and pin number which will be emailed to your school email account.

If you do not complete your application form correctly and meet the deadline then your choices will be decided by the school.

Please note the following:

You are only allowed to complete the form once, so make sure you check your choices carefully before you press submit. 
Separate Sciences (Triple Science) will be offered depending on the results your Year 9 Science exam and teacher assessments. Computer Science will be offered depending on the results of your Year 9 Computing exam and teacher assessments. 

The following subjects cannot be selected together:

      • BTEC Sport and Theory of PE
      • Art, Photography and Textiles.  
      • ICT  and Computer Science GCSE

If you choose Drama you may be moved to BTEC Performing Arts, if your analytical skills are not strong enough.

If you choose Theory of PE, you may be moved to BTEC Sport if your practical performance is not high enough.

Wishing you the best of luck with your options.