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This year the Heathland School arranged a two week Summer School for the new Year 7s.  The teachers provided both a great mix of written and practical learning activities, alongside nurturing a safe and supportive learning environment. As a Summer School Assistant, it was an amazing experience to work alongside young pupils and see them push themselves each day, whether this was in their academic lessons or during their enrichment lessons. The most interesting part of the summer was to see the pupils move out of their comfort zone and learn new skills, for example, write songs or raps and later perform them to the class. The school also organised a zoo lab, where the pupils understood the topic of adaptations and the nature of reptiles more as well as getting the experience of holding snakes and a giant African land snail, which was very enjoyable. Mrs Lounds also organised for an inflatable obstacle course during the enrichment lesson, which was taken with huge enthusiasm by both the pupils and teachers. This helped them make new connections with one another and taught them how to work as a team. There were a variety of numeracy lessons, one of which the students had been taught the Fibonacci sequence by making their own sequences with some paper and strings, with Austin Mukiibi making a sequence of over 15 cards. The students were also competing with each other to memorise digits of Pi and Dharmik Lekkala remembering an incredible amount of 28 digits. Pupils were also tested in their engineering skills as they had to design a model, with limited resources, which will protect their eggs after being dropped from a certain height.  In addition to this the pupils got certificates for performing well in lessons, which increased their confidence and further encouraged the students to perform to the best of their abilities. Overall this was a fantastic experience, enjoyed by everyone!